Sunday, May 3, 2009

shout outs

i've gotten some pretty awesome shout outs in the last day or so, and just wanted to say thanks and encourage people to visit these generous people.
this week, i'm included in sits sunday shout outs for my dove coupons giveaway. if you don't know what sits is, check out my post here about how totally awesome this site is. there are close to 1000 sits sistas and usually a couple hundred check in every day, so this is awesome promotion for me. also for those of you who missed this post, please check it out as i am still looking for advice for which posts to submit to be a sits featured blogger.
i still have 11 coupons left to give. if you're a follower please comment on the dove post, so i know you want the coupons and can contact you to mail the coupons. btw, all the mini wheats coupons are taken.
one of my new followers, kathie at my net finds mentioned me in a post about my pay it forward post/promotion i have going on right now. i really like the concept behind kathie's blog. you she posts all the things she finds around the web that she thinks are cool from giveaways to neato etsy shops to interesting websites like swaptree which i just found out about thanks to her. and, she's also participating in shannon at welcome to the nuthouse's hometown swap. remember, tomorrow is the last time to sign up for the hometown swap and if you do, mention that you heard it from me.
as for the pay it forward promotion, i'm a little dissappointed to say that only one of you has joined in. remember 4 other people can sign up to get something handmade by me.
finally, diapola momma at chicken nuggets of wisdom was tagged by me for crazy eights. she fufilled her taggee obligations today by posting and in mentioning i tagged her she called me a shoe maven. i am still grinning from being referred to in such a fashionista manner.
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