Sunday, March 6, 2016

Check out Walmart's Pajama Clearance

Rarely will you hear me recommend shopping at Walmart.  Beyond any moral argument, I get better deals sticking with Aldi, Wegmans, or Target depending on what I'm looking for.  However, another mama posted in a local facebook group I am a part of that Walmart had tons of PJs clearanced for super cheap prices.  This is an example of the importance of mom networking.  I can't guarantee they will be available for the same price at your local Walmart, but I know people have found them at more than one local Walmart for these prices.  I'd say at these prices, it's worth a trip to see.  At these prices, I was able to grab many of these brand new for equivalent prices to what I would pay for them used at a consignment sale.

Elmo 2 piece set size 12 month for $3.

Gerber 2 packs of fleece footies for $2.50 making it $1.25 a pair of footies.  These originally retailed for $9.99.

Carter's fleece footies $2 a pair both size 18 month. These originally retailed for $7.44.

More fleece footies by Carter's for $2 a pair.  

Garanimals sweatpants for $1.  Garanimals tights for $1.50 each; originally $6.98.

2 piece character pajamas with fleece bottoms size 5T for $2,50 each.

Hat and glove set for $2; originally $6.98.