Saturday, April 25, 2009

$5 of $50 at target with borders rewards perks

borders rewards perks is a loyalty rewards program that is totally free meant to increase chain loyalty. borders and waldenbooks customers earn $5 bucks for every $150 spent at their stores. its totally free to sign up. additionally, they have"perks" for members who can enjoy discount at literally hundreds of other stores from kohls to home depot as well as discounts on tickets including concerts, sporting events, and movies. currently, they are offering 376 discounts. you can even sign up to be notified when discounts are available for your favorite retailer.
i have signed up for such notification for target discounts and received one of their notifications today advising that as a "perk" they are offering $5 off $50 purchases at target online. i have previously used this discount and know it works. it also works well when combined with target's free shipping for purchases of $50 or more in certain departments. in order to use this offer, you need to sign up to become a borders rewards perks member. then, go to the target offer. you will see a picture on the right side of the screen which says shop now. click on that button, and it will take you to target online where you can shop. once you go to checkout at target, the discount will show up as long as you total is $50 before tax and shipping.

today's free stuff 4/25/09

free clean and clear makeup dissolving wipes text dissolve to 467467
kids earn a free book at barnes and nobles when they read any 8 books on their summer reading list between may 26th and sept 7th and bring in their completed reading journal to the store
free "favorites"(non-new release) at blockbuster if you say the promo code "chicken little" to any cashier for info call 877-984-5679 and press 1
free sample of ray & terry's nutritional supplement shake mix
free sample of simply pawesome specialty dog treats
free miley cyrus poster
free notepad and pen

Friday, April 24, 2009

i won a photo contest

i was super pysched to find out on tuesday to find out that i won the spring flower photo contest over on iemommy's blog. i absolutely could not contain my excitement, however with everything going on the last few days which i am sure i will be letting you about over the next few days, i didn't get a chance to share my joy with y'all. the above pic of two daffodils from my yard was the winner, and it should look familiar since its currently my header. i happen obviously to be a fan of the pic, and am happy someone else likes it too. here is the link to her announcement, and i can't wait to receive my prize which is a pretty neato necklace. her new photo contest is mommy and me. hopefully, i can work on entering that one too.

unknown flower

i have no idea what it is, but it randomly showed up in my yard. i've never seen it before in my previous years living here. i do really like the color. any ideas as to what it is?

a call for votes

i really do want to get a higher listing, and i need more than my current record of 4 votes. thanks guys.

even more free stuff 4/24/09

free puppy kit from pedigree
free home made simple coupon booklet with procter & gamble cleaning product coupons worth $30
free subscription to motorcyclist magazine
free sample axe just clean shampoo
free samples from schick and poise at walmart in store april 25th or 26th depending on location from 11am-5pm for locations
free subscription to organic gardening
free sample of loreal ever pure shampoo & conditioner email
miller coors survey panel-may be asked to do product testing
free subscription to wood magazine
free coupon printout for a lip item up to $12 at bath and body works with any purchase in store good thru april 26th

today's free stuff 4/24/09

free sketchpad from oakley

free titanium trimmer from schick

free ticket to baltimore orioles game

free sunglasses at a charlotte russe store on may 5th if you bring the june 2009 seventeen cover or a printout of the seventeen homepage

free sleep number t-shirt at select comfort stores with coupon printout good thru april 26th

free sample of loreal advanced revitalift deep set wrinkle repair

free samples and promotional items from taster's choice

free sample of huggies snug and dry diaper for sam's club members

free sample burgie's natural organic laundry detergent

free reusable lunch bag at whole foods with coupon printout good thru 4/26

free subscription to esquire magazine

free sample nivea touch of happiness body wash

free tote bag from that's caring by joining their email list

free woody's grooming sample

free sample dove go fresh deoderant

free tena sample

free will and trust kit from suze orman thru april 25th at midnight

2 free pieces of citrus marianated chicken and 2 free tortillas and salsa at el pollo loco on tuesday, april 28th until 8pm

free piece of grilled chicken at kfc on monday, april 27th

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day freebies

lots of special earth day freebies to share good only today
free reusable water bottle when you bring in 3 plastic bottles to a disney store
free roll of recycled reynolds wrap foil after rebate
free tote bag at walgreens with any store purchase
free shopping bag at heb stores in texas between 3-7pm
free plant for kids and storytime at pottery barn from 11 am-2pm
free cup of pike's place roast at starbucks when you bring in your own mug
free tote bag at fresh and easy stores with $10 purchase
free butter london nail laquer for 1st 500 people to login at 11am est

i'm so not down with the lingo these days

as we have been having computer problems with our desktop computer, my boyfriend and i have been sharing my laptop. this really sucks since both of us spend way too much time on the computer, me with blogging, and him with making and posting videos about videogaming. tonight, he is working on a video. this process takes hours much to my chagrin. while he was working on his dinner/taking a break, i got to have the laptop for a quick bit. so, i decided to work on my today's free stuff post for the day. as y'all know, i love freebies. hence, i have a few of my fave freebie sites bookmarked for quick searching. one of my sites is now, if you're already laughing, then you are much cooler than i am apparently. when i handed him back the laptop, i left this site up as it was the last one i had happened to search. in case, you decide to check it out, this site is hit or miss whether i find anything good, but i like to be thorough. my fave freebie site is actually the forum at back to the story already in progress. sorry, i do have the habit of meandering off subject. he picked up the laptop, and immediately got a puzzled look on his face. you see the top of the website just has the logo, and this is how the conversation went:

him: what were you looking at?
me: what do you mean?
him: oh the obviously don't know what fap is? laughter
me: huh?
him: i have to tell my friends about this. they are die when they see this.
me: acting quietly confused
him: wait, you know what fap is, right?
him: its leet speak for self gratification(ok, he used a different phrase. but, i'm censoring this to be less graphic.)

he then went to a chat room and had to tell all his friends about this site and got a good laugh especially at my lack of being in the know. alright, i guess i am officially old. like the signs weren't there before, but each time it gets thrown in my face like this, i think a little bit of me dies. and, yes my boyfriend who happens to be 5 years my junior is still giving me grief hours later about this faux pas.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

can a sista get some help?

i've been a sits member for a while now. and, of course, my dream is to some day be a featured blogger. well, they make it super simple to become a featured blogger and receive lots of bloggy love. you have to

  1. regularly participate in roll call- done

  2. comment on the featured bloggers-done

  3. submit 3 blog posts to be read by the other sits girls on your featured blogger day- this is where i need y'all's help

i am looking for suggestions from my blog readers for 3 posts that i should submit to be read by hundreds of other fabulous women who are sits sistas. you don't need to list your top 3, even just one fave will help me. so, please leave me a comment on this post letting me know what 2 posts i should submit. unsure what posts people normally would submit, check out their site. i really appreciate the help.

today's free stuff 4/21/09

free stencil ruler

free cotton bag and sample aveeno nourish+ hair products available tomorrow only

free gillette fusion razor use code 3eGj2

10 free food saver bags

10 free text messages for at&t wireless users text yes to 3722

get 3 friends to signup for their newsletter, and get a free dylan's candy bar

free bag of dry dogswell dog food

free sample of teecino caffeine free herbal coffee

some freebie reminders for today only

and, today 6-8pm at petsmart free goodie bag and free digital photo frame

Monday, April 20, 2009

some exciting news

look what arrived in my email today:
needless to say i am pysched to try it out, and pass along some hopefully great coupons for my readers.

today's free stuff 4/20/09

free iceberg at carvel on april 30th from 3-7pm. if you're wondering what an iceberg is its basically ice cream blended with eithe coke, root beer, or fanta orange soda.
text gillette to 56418 during a yankees game, and you'll get a code redeemable at gillette for a free gillette fusion razor for 1st 1,000. today's code is D48R4. yankees' schedule is here.
free sample john frieda's root awakening
free nail care set
free subscription to muscle and fitness magazine
free 10x13 portrait at sears portrait studio
free redbox dvd rental code good for today only M6FR97
free sharpie marker or unibal pen for 1st 300 at midnight central time thru 5/31/09
free my little cookbook download
free subscription to dime magazine
free sample photo announcement card

Sunday, April 19, 2009

what a "fan"tastic idea

after reading brittany of food for thoughts blog posts last week, i fell in love with one in particular. no, i'm not talking about one of her gorgeously photographed recipes. but, they really do jump off the screen and make you want to gobble them up. its insane how yummy her food looks. well, the idea that really struck me involves the award pictured below: according to brittany, april is "tell 'em you're a fan month" where you are supposed to pass along the blog love by telling blogs how much of a fan you are.

Now, here are the rules:
1. Leave a comment or an email for your favorite blogger(s) telling them that you are a fan of the site.
2. Feel free to copy and paste the award, or snag the image code to either present to your blog friend, or post on your site when it is awarded to you.
3. When you receive more than one fan, put the number of fans you have received under the image.
4. The more fans you receive, the better!
what an awesome idea. i plan to start "fanning" some of my fave blogs, and hope lots of y'all will too.

and the award goes to

lil ol me. i know imagine my surprise to find out that i have recieved my first award. i mean i don't even have a speech prepared and the dress, heavens me i need to go shopping for an appropriate dress. ah, shopping. whew i would love to go shopping for an awards show dress. the joy it would bring. i may not have the dress, but i can bet i have some shoes that would rock it. anyway, to the award from my dear shell:

"The Let's be Friends Awards stands for this: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers."

my nominees are:

reston mom

want and afford

chicken nuggets of wisdom

just humming along


life with liane

food for thought

fairy blog mother

a tasty experiment

i've been having a couple of rough days with my tummy. so, i wanted something sweet, bready, and easy on my tum-tum. so, i got a little experimental in my microwave of all places. its a bit of twist on the chocolate cake in a mug recipe. the ingredients may sound random, but i was working with what i happened to have in my kitchen. i couldn't finish it all in one sitting. it is a lot, but i think it turned out well. so, i'm sharing it. i took a spoonful out to taste and so, you could see it has a cakelike not pudding consistency.

4 tbs powdered sugar
4 tbs oil
3 tbs half and half
3 tbs flour
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp baking powder

2 drops of vanilla extract
2 tbs half and half
1 tbs powdered sugar

mix all the cake ingredients in a bowl or large coffee mug. cook on high in the microwave 2 minutes then continue cooking in 15 second increments til done thoroughly. poke several times with a toothpick so that the topping can soak into the cake. mix the topping ingredients and microwave on high for 1 minute. pour the topping over the cake and allow to soak in for about 10-15 minutes. enjoy.

today's free stuff 4/19/09

free strawberry lemonade at o'charley's on wed april 22nd
free diabetes friendly cookbook from the american heart association
free reusable tote bag today only at target with any purchase
free reusable tote bag at wegman's april 25th from 11am-3pm with a bag tightly filled with plastic bags-too bad the one here isn't scheduled to open til june 21st
free can petite cuisine for joining their birthday club
free evol burrito coupon
another opportunity to get 2 free cans of petite cuisine cat food for sending a pic of your cat with petite cuisine
free subscription to chain reaction science magazine(teachers can also request a classroom set of 35 subscriptions as well.)