Saturday, May 23, 2009

my shoe collection part 31

I picked up these hot pink patent open toe heels by delicious at rugged wearhouse last fall for $6.99. the pictures don't really do justice to how hot pink they are.

being crafty truly is fab

picture from
I mentioned in a previous post that I've been reading Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford, the heartwrenching tale of the tumultous relationship between Christina and her adopted mother, Joan Crawford. Trust me, the movie does not do these painful relationship justice nearly the way the book does.
And, even though, the divine Ms. Joan Crawford may have been bat shit crazy, she still was a bit or perhaps insanely fabulous. She certainly was the height of Hollywood glam in her day. In all of the horrors I am reading, I am filled with glee every time I read mention of Joan Crawford knitting. I must admit it makes me feel like I am in on something the cool kids are doing. There is even talk about modern celebs knitting such as Rosario Dawson and her super hot boyfriend Jason Lewis of Sex and the City fame. So, pashong on those people who say knitting is old fashioned or country, even the rich and famous do it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

it's all in my head

I suppose sometimes it doesn't take much to really tick me off. last night and most of today, i have been overcome with being hurt at what in reality was not a huge slight. however, to me, i made it a huge deal. a friend and i had plans last night. i was supposed to call around 6pm, and my friend would get directions to my house. I called, got voicemail, and left a message. I knew we needed to be where we were going by 9pm. So, when I did not receive a call back by 8:15ish, I texted with a simple message asking if we were still on for our plans. By 9:30, I still hadn't heard from my friend and got super upset borderline devasted that my friend had forgotten or was avoiding me. I had the opportunity for other plans which I put off due to these plans and was a bit pissed. I would rather have spent time with my friend then gone to an alumni event. However, I felt I missed out on my alumni event for what ended up being nothing. All day I allowed myself to stew on this slight by my friend. I became more and more upset discussing it with friends who are really mine but know this other friend though not enough to divulge my feelings. I texted this friend again asking to talk feeling we needed to discuss how utterly rude I felt this individual had been. I was spinning this whole situation more and more out of control. How typically me truly making a mountain out of a mole hill.
Finally, this evening, my friend contacted me to ask me if I was okay and apologize for taking so long to get back to me as my friend had been ill in bed. I was absolutely horrified. I immediately felt like the crazy person I am. And, for a moment, I felt like I had become my mother. Now, I am sure she will never admit this; but I remember quite clearly as a child listening to my mother spin out of control when my father was late from work. He was in an accident and dead or massively injured by the time she had talked it through in her head. Luckily, my father has never been in an accident. There was always a simple solution like traffic, or him stopping by to visit his mother. I know I am barreling out of control in my mind, but I just don't seem to be able to make it stop. I am not sure if this is learned behavior, or as one of my girlfriend says typical female behavior, or just part of my mental illness. I realize I need to surround myself with people who recognize me acting like a crazy person and are willing to tell me I'm being insane. I had done a good job of creating such a network in the past, but as time has gone by, I think I may have lost some of them to death or just lost the ability to make time for these good friends. I know now after this incident how much I need to work on these connections again. I just needed to vent and get it all out where I could see it in writing. I guess I have moments where I use blogging almost like journaling spewing out my feelings like a way of pyschologically vomitting. I have gotten away from journaling, but blogging is now a huge part of my life. am i the only one who does this?
I've been reading Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford the daughter of Joan Crawford. She talks about how Joan Crawford despite being seriously cuckoo for cocoa puffs never saw a shrink. She viewed her daily phone calls to a practicioner of Christian Science in New York as her therapy while she vented. Now, clearly Ms. Crawford was clearly out of her bleeping mind as anyone how saw the movie Mommie Dearest would agree and I doubt that was enough for her. (No, wire hangers. That line was beyond brillant.) But, in the program, they always say problems shared are halved. Maybe this is what I am trying for. Who knows. I just need to share.

why are men so squeamish?

I just don't get it. I know I've mentioned before that I have irritable bowel syndrome. I was first diagnosed back in college. What gets me is that I can't say anything other than I am feeling sick or the boy begins in with ewwwwww that is so gross. Now, I am not saying that I go into outrageous details describing every pain or bowel movement. I am saying just saying I am having stomach issues sets him off. No offense, but these are natural bodily functions. And, its not just me. Heaven forbid a cat gets sick. I will be awoken at 3am to clean up that mess, and the poor cat will be shunned for about a day. Men fart and burp and take pride in it. How dare any non male do something less than dainty. What is the deal? I mean really. I know traditionally it has been women who get stuck changing diapers and cleaning up kids puke. But, I guess I wonder why men don't man up about these things. And, why are these topics so taboo?

old navy flip flops for $1-one day only

So, they are not even mentioning it on their website currently. However, in commercials, they have been advertising for tomorrow 5/23 flip flops for only $1. I know I am known for my heels and flats. But, I am willing to admit to having purchased their flip flops at one of these $1 sales before for beach wear. It's a pretty darn good deal.

flashback friday-college graduation

I decided to jump on the flashback friday bandwagon. With my 10 year college reunion rapidly approaching(eek, I mean its next weekend.), I thought I would start with a small smattering of pics from my college graduation.
This is the professional picture taken of me as I walked off the stage with diploma in hand.

This pic is me and some of my fellow debaters; kate, kristin, and amber.

me and kelly, one of my fellow executive cabinet members.

my roomate liz and I
my friend chris from my hometown who also ended up going to mary wash as well.

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my shoe collection part 30

these are another of my target purchases. i love the grosgrain ribbon edging and bow. the opening at the toe allows for a bit of cute toe cleavage. i got them for $6.24 last summer online.

yipee skippy some stuff to refashion

one of my coworkers brought me this bag of clothes that i could do with as i may. some, mainly the shirts, i will wear as is. she gave them to me because she felt they made her look small chested and knew that would never be a problem for me. however, the pants and skirts all have issues that could use some refashioning, and she thought of me. there were 2 pair of jeans and a pair of black cords. if nothing else, i can use them for material for crafts or possibly a quilt. they are high waisted and not really my style anyway. the skirt pictured below has been folded in quarters in the picture. i would look like i was drowning in it since it comes down to my ankles. it has darted insets at the bottom, so i will have to hem it from the top of the skirt. i prefer skirts that hit around my knees, since i am a bit on the shorter side. the elastic waist was serged in, so i am going to have to just cut where i want to start the top of the skirt allowing for fold over for a new elastic waistband.

and, here is a closeup on the design and insets.

my winnings arrived

my giveaway prize arrived in the mail and has already made its way into my bathroom. after the last few days, i need something like this right now to aid me in having a comforting bath.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

my shoe collection part 29

i love the pleated toe on these silver flats by mossimo for target which i picked up last summer through for $4.99.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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blog farts from blogger

I think everyone who is on blogger is having the same problem of no new comments today as a result of the nasty internet explorer message action aborted when people attempted to view blogs. I know I was frustrated at not being able to check in on friends blogs and sad to have no new comments. I hope when y'all get a chance when blogger is at 100% you'll check out my earlier posts from today and leave some comment love.

do a good deed at the grocery store

I am a fan of couponing as I have mentioned in previous posts. I have even mentioned coupon swaps though I do not curently participate in one. So, right now I usually just leave the extra coupon pages from my Sunday paper at work in the break room hoping another coworker will pick them up. But, recently I've noticed as my coworkers have been cutting back and buying more generic items that these coupon pages have ended up in the trash more often than not. So, I decided to stop bothering with that. Last week, I decided to try a new tactic to share the coupons I won't be using. Often at the grocery store, I notice that people have left clipped coupons sitting around various items in the store. I have a feeling though that the store workers throw them away when they see them as they appear to be trash leaving those coupons unused. So, when I saw a fellow couponer, I just gave her all the pages from the coupon section that I wasn't using. She was grateful, and I was glad that someone else could put these coupons to good use. I think this is something others could do as well.

another birthday

yesterday, my good friend, chris of 8 years celebrated another year in this world. we had a fabulous tuesday night at karoke as always.

me and the birthday boy

john lee, paul, and i

a view of part of our table
janet and i
me rockin it out
paul singing some micheal jackson
plus, john lee and i decided to take some silly pics of each other

removing scuffs from patent leather

I showed y'all these new white patent leather kitten heels by american eagle that i picked up from the goodwill shoe sale saturday for $1.50. What I didn't share was that one of the shoes had a black scuff mark. I bought them anyway, because I figured that I could find some way to remove it. And, if I didn't find a way to rid myself on that flaw on my otherwise perfect white shoes, I would only be out $1.50.
So, I decided to search the net for possible solutions. I know scuffs are a common problem and not just because I could aggravate my mother to no end with my aptness at scuffing my shoes. I was sure I would find a remedy. Several people had posts stating they use nail polish remover. By the same token, I found several posts warning of the ills of using nail polish remover as it could remove the finish. Since I LOVE me some shiny shoes, I decided to avoid the nail polish remover. I, then, read about using goo-b-gone; but I am not a fan of buying a product just to use one time. Next, I saw suggestions of using antibacterial gel. Of course, I have my bath and body works gel in my purse, so I tried it to no avail. Finally, I came to a solution that worked for me; Mr. clean magic eraser. I happened to have a sample one I had received in the mail for free. Now, I had already used a magic eraser yesterday at work washing walls at work trying to remove crayon marks from our walls. So, my hands were already suffering from the dried out feeling that using the magic eraser leaves. I figured it was the best time to do it. I have no idea how it works, but it does. Another random use for the magic eraser I've learned from work is removing baked on egg.

wordless wednesday-let there be light

i took this photo when i was playing around with photographing ordinary objects in slightly unusual ways. i really like how the light fixture in the bedroom looks like the sun to me.