Sunday, May 17, 2009

bloggy friends rock

i am so blessed to have meet some of the awesome people through my blog. i have just been blown away by some people's kindness and generosity. i mean people's encouragement and comments really do mean so much to me. i know how much time it takes to keep up with your favorite blogs. and, passing along the word about my blog, giveaways and etsy site is so awesome of y'all. i had pretty much stopped using email for conversing with friends until i started blogging. i'm really touch by all support so many of my readers have shown me. i just cannot say how much y'all have done to really lift my spirits recently as i've been dealing with some hard times.
some people recently have gone above and beyond what i could ever had expected in terms of generosity. i told everyone about annette of fairy blog mother's giving of her creativity and time in helping me makeover my blog. she has been amazing answering questions i've had about blogging in general too. this week, though, i'm feeling like i have a new fairy shoemother. mamabearmills123 of pour some sugar on me knowing my love of shoes has offered me some amazing steve madden heels that she just hasn't worn. she sent me a pic, and i am totally pysched to receive them so i can wear them and show them off on my blog to everyone.

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