Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Kathie at my net finds has bequethed to all of her followers of which i am one this fantabulous award. i must say i have the problem that everytime i hear the word superstar i immediately think of the snl sketch which later became a movie of molly shannon saying superstar after smelling her hands which she kept lodged in her pits. i just crack up thinking about it. so, i think this award rocks for making me think of that. on top of that, the image for this award with the flashes makes me feel special like i have paparazzi following me everywhere. That's right. I'd like to think I'm important and possibly fashionable.

I must though say a few words about Kathie and her blog. I know I've mentioned her before and perhaps you've missed it. She has been an amazingly supportive follower of my blog. She's always on the top commenters list you may have recently noticed on my left sidebar. I added that as a way of letting the world know about my fabulous commenters. Her blog is neato just like her. She makes posts about interesting thinks she finds on the net from products you can buy especially at etsy to interesting articles like one today about how to get your footsies ready for summer. I really think her blog is one worth following.

Back to the award. To accept this award, you need to pass it on to a few of your new bloggy friends that you think are SuperStars! It can be 5 bloggers to 50 bloggers. Doesn't matter. So, my list will be a totally random number of blogs that I love following. I suggest checking out all of these blogs. I won't give on to Kathie since she already has the award, but she definitely deserves it.

  1. Shell at stuttering shell

  2. annette at fairy blog mother

  3. lorie at be different act normal

  4. tamela at a brunette making it one day at a time

  5. dipaola momma at chicken nuggets of wisdom

  6. brittany at food for thought

  7. mimi at screaming mimi

  8. j. leigh designz

  9. deb at just humming along

  10. anne at life with liane

  11. belinda at mommy world

  12. mamabearmills at pour some sugar on me

  13. tricia at reston mom

  14. rachelle at she's crafty

  15. anna at want and afford

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