Friday, May 22, 2009

yipee skippy some stuff to refashion

one of my coworkers brought me this bag of clothes that i could do with as i may. some, mainly the shirts, i will wear as is. she gave them to me because she felt they made her look small chested and knew that would never be a problem for me. however, the pants and skirts all have issues that could use some refashioning, and she thought of me. there were 2 pair of jeans and a pair of black cords. if nothing else, i can use them for material for crafts or possibly a quilt. they are high waisted and not really my style anyway. the skirt pictured below has been folded in quarters in the picture. i would look like i was drowning in it since it comes down to my ankles. it has darted insets at the bottom, so i will have to hem it from the top of the skirt. i prefer skirts that hit around my knees, since i am a bit on the shorter side. the elastic waist was serged in, so i am going to have to just cut where i want to start the top of the skirt allowing for fold over for a new elastic waistband.

and, here is a closeup on the design and insets.

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