Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my shoe collection part 32

By now, you may have noticed a distinct lack of boots in my shoe collection. Trust me. There is quite a good reason for this. You see I am a bigger girl which means I have bigger calves. I have struggled to find boots that actually fit my calves without making them look like they are sausages busting out of their casings. After a good deal of work, I can tell you this is not an easy task. I abhor the look of boots that a fat roll over the top. We have all seen girls who pull this off, but this girl won't do it. I do like the ideas of boots and their versatility. I find them to be about the most stable, comfortable heels you can wear. But, I have sadly had to settle for ankle booties. I got this part last fall from target online for $11.49. Now, I was too impatient to wait for them to go down to 75% off; but I really wanted some black pointed toe booties for the winter. I also adore the squared heel. And, I am always open to hear any suggestions for where to find fuller figured boots.

i'm baaaaaaack!!

I feel like I'm the little girl from Poltergeist when i say that for some odd reason. I doubt I am the only one who finds that everything is some random pop culture reference in my mind. I apologize for the unexpected break from blogging.
I knew that last week was going to be busy; however, I had no idea the sort of reassessment of my life I would be going through. The details of the life decisions I have made will reveal themselves in the next 4-6 weeks I promise. If you care or are interested about what is really going on, please feel free to email me personally. I know I am usually an open book, but this time I have good reason for keeping things on the "dl" as you might say until everything has sorted itself out. In the process of making a lot of these decisions, I had a good deal of heart to heart talks with my friends which took a lot of my time which I normally would have been blogging. 'Tis all for the better, I think. Once again, I am reminded what generous and amazing friends I have.
Additionally, there were a lot of things in the last week or so I knew in advance which were going to take a good bit of my time. I had a busy memorial day which was rather unexpected. I was scheduled to work until about 2pm. I got a last minute call from my best friend that she was having a cookout and wanted me to come. I went then had to return to work only a few hours later as people called out of work. Then, after getting off work around 11pm, I headed out for open mic night with Trav. By my usual Tuesday night festivities, I was so exhausted I had to take off my heels part the way through the evening. As planned, I had my out of town trip for Travis to cut and color my hair and have some "girl" time. I must say he did a fab job with my hair. I was back by Thursday for the business meeting of Pride in the Burg and some time out with other friends. Friday and Saturday were my 10 year college reunion.
Now, I am just trying to play catch up. I promise I have a ton to talk about especially the reunion which left me with a mixed bag of feelings. Stay tuned for more talk about shoes, life, and girl talk.