Saturday, April 30, 2016

Baby B More Organic Bandana Bib Review #babybmore

I would normally use this bib for drool and a wipeable bib for meals, but this was pretty much the only way I could get her to sit still long enough for a picture.
It seems my little one is constantly teething.  In all honesty, she's had 17 teeth for months now, but these last three teeth are taking forever to come in.  She goes through random periods over the last few weeks of days where she drools a ton.  Her last tooth lead to a drool rash on her chin she was drooling so consistently.  I felt so awful for her when she got the rash even though I was able to clear it up in less than 2 days.  No one wants their little one to have a rash especially if there is any way we can prevent it.

When I came across these multilayer bandana style bibs, I had to give them a try.  I wanted something that would catch drool but was also soft enough to wipe away what was accumulating on her chin.

When I received the bibs, I was pleased with the gender neutral designs. Plus, being a bandana, I find them way cuter for her to wear all day than a traditional bib.  I think she looks quite fashionable with these bibs on as if it is an accessory not a merely functional bib. Sometimes, colors online aren't true to color; but these were.  I could definitely see using these not only with my daughter, but also if we had another little one regardless of whether we had a girl or boy.  I also thought the designs were stylish and modern especially the chevron and anchors.  We are definitely able to work them in with her current spring and summer outfits.  The hearts would have been perfect on Valentine's Day.  In fact, I've yet to find an every day outfit these didn't work with.

In addition to the yellow and white chevron LB is modelling above, the other designs are as pictured grey and white clouds, red and white hearts, and teal and white anchors.

I appreciate that there are two snaps to adjust to baby's size as they grow into a toddler.  Most bibs I've found are either sized for tiny babies or toddlers but rarely grow with them like these.  The snaps are also nickel free in case baby has sensitivities.

I found that due to the multiple layers of cloth, these bibs are much more absorbent than other drool bibs we've used in the past.  The bottom layer is a soft fleece, so you could even put this on a baby without a shirt in the summer which is nice.  The top layer of fabric was a bit stiff but softened right up after the first wash.  I was surprised by how well these bibs absorbed without getting her chest wet at all.

You can purchase these here.

I received this product for free in exchange for a review, but all opinions are honest, genuine, and my own.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Classy Kids Consignment Sale Haul

This was my first time at this sale.  I went for the discount day, so my selection was limited which I expect when hitting the discount day or hour of a sale.

However, there are a couple of other reasons I may not go back to this sale.  The lighting was poor.  When I go to a consignment sale some of the big things I am checking items for are holes and stains.  With dimmer lighting, this is not as easily accomplished.  Most of the clothes were in the wrong section.  I don't just mean that items that were 2t had somehow been left by another shopper in the 12 month section though that was common as well.  I mean items that were 4t were marked 12 month like this first dress I picked up for DB's niece.

Old Navy dress .75 cents.

Additionally, many items that were 6-9 months for instance had been labelled by the consignors as 9-12 months and placed in that section.  I probably had to go past 25-50 items in the 9-12 month section that were really 6-9 month clothes mismarked by the consignor. I would have hoped that the salespeople would have noticed and put them in the correct section as the Old Navy dress above had been placed in the 4t section where it really belonged despite the tag.

Additionally, it was a 40 minute drive.  Most of the sales I hit are between 15-30 minutes from my house, so it isn't that much more of a drive.  However, without finding lots of stuff to bowl me over, I doubt I will return.

Here are the rest of the items I did pick up.

4t top $1

Gap pants 4t $1.50
Lounging Elmo $2

Stride Rite shoes size 5 $1
18 month jeans $1

18 month skirt $1.50

Metal spinning top $1

Doll Carrier $3 (not discounted)

Infant Octopus Toy $1

18 month leggings .75 cents

JMU(my mother's alma mater) shortalls $1.75

18 month Osh Kosh top $1.50

12 month dress $1.50

Thermos sippy cup $1.50.  This cup is our new favorite sippy cup since my little one loves her water ice cold just like her mama.  Easiest sippy cup to clean as well.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Grandpa Gus's Non-Toxic Mouse Repellent Review #mice

A few weeks ago, I heard leaves moving and what sounded like an ensuing scuffle taking place under our shed.  Moments later, I saw one of the neighborhood cats exit from beneath the shed as the victor with a mouse in his jaw.  I was both pleased that the cat had done its job as well as dismayed to know there were probably more mice way to close for comfort for me to our shed and home.  I checked out my local big box stores for options in the case that mice might find their way to us.  Sadly, all I could find were traps.  Some were non lethal allowing a catch and release.  Some allowed you to use peanut butter as bait for a non toxic remedy.  Any way you cut it though, I had to wait for those suckers to enter my abode and then, attack the problem.  I, also, would have to dispose of either a live or most likely dead mouse.  Not really a task I was looking forward to performing.

Days later, I was presented the opportunity to review Grandpa Gus's Non-Toxic Mouse Repellent Pouches.  I jumped on board to try this product as I was glad to have a solution that was safe to have around both the dog and my little one but also would act as a preventative before I even have to worry about any rodent infestation.  They promised to be deodorizing aroma of which I am always a fan. I was also blown away that they promise to work for 3-6 months.

When they arrived, I loved the charm of the country style look of the product.  They look like a product you might pick up at a General Store which I can say as someone who frequented a couple on a regular basis growing up.

The gunny sack containing the four pouches of mouse repellent.

One of the four mouse repellent pouches.

Beyond their rustic charm, opening the plastic wrapper, opened up the scent which is initially quite strong though completely pleasant.   I'd gladly keep one in my car if I didn't need them for rodent prevention as I enjoyed the scen
t that much.  However, once I placed the pouches individually, I did not notice the scent nearly as much.  I do feel like some other less than pleasant odors such as pet odors or the diaper pail were lessened some.  

So far, we've had no tell tale signs of mice in the couple of weeks I've had them and hope this continues for months to come.  

You can purchase these at Amazon here.  

I received this product for free in exchange for a review, but all opinions are honest, genuine, and my own.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tips for Post Consignment Sale Shopping

Thrifty Thursday 
You may think that once you've shopped a consignment sale, you've done everything you can to save money.  However, I've found a few more ways to maximize your savings.  

1. Find out where they donate left over items:  If you notice, many consignment sales donate clothes that are left over after their sale.  After having been at the Moncure sale in line at closing time several times, I've seen on average about 30 lawn and leaf size bags filled to go out for donations.

I was lucky enough to be standing in line waiting to checkout the second time I went to the Moncure sale and overheard another shopper asking where the items that didn't sell were donated.  Much to my surprise, the volunteer told the other shopper they were donated to the Goodwill behind the school.  Huzzah.  I knew I could check there the following week for more deals.  The Goodwill stores in my area sell baby items except dresses for .99 cents each.  If they have a noodle in the color of the week, they are half off.  Even if they are regularly priced, when you bring a donation, you get a coupon for 20% off all regularly priced items.  So, shopping at Goodwill, the most I would spend on a new item for my little one is .80 cents.  Often an even better bargain than a consignment sale.

Due to the volume of donations they receive after a consignment sale, all the merchandise doesn't go out the first week.  So, you can often pick up deals for several weeks after the sale.

This is my Goodwill haul the week after the last Moncure sale.  I got 3 shirts, 2 pair of pants, 1 onesie, and a pair of pajamas for less than $5.  Yay!

2. Save your hangers: If you plan on consigning in the future which you probably should, many sales require you to place clothing items on your own hangers.  Sadly, kid size hangers aren't much cheaper than adult hangers.  If you save the ones you get at sales and stores when buying new if they will allow you, that will provide a good start to your collection.  

3. Save your safety pins: While safety pins aren't expensive per se, every little bit of savings helps.  For most people who will be consigning at a sale, you will need to invest in hangers, safety pins, clear packing tape, ink, paper, and gallon size ziploc baggies.  Little savings though can help.  I keep all my safety pins in a quart food storage container where little hands won't get to them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weecycled Fredericksburg Haul

Where I live, Weecycled is the biggest consignment sale.  It was my introduction to consignment sales when my daughter was just days old.

 I had been shopping for clothes for my little one at thrift and consignment stores throughout my pregnancy to be prepared.  However, after reading other mamas advice and being told my daughter would probably be close to 8 lbs when she arrived, I avoided purchasing hardly any newborn clothes.  I think i had 2 onesies, 3 sleepers, and a hat.  Imagine my surprise when I delivered a 6 lb 6 oz little one who quickly went down to 5 lbs 10 oz.  Even her newborn clothes looked big on her.

I mean look at those leg holes.  That was before she lost several more ounces the morning after she was born at the hospital.  We needed to get some more newborn clothes quickly.  Since I had been out of work on medical leave due to complications during my third trimester, our budget for new clothes for her was severely limited.  Luckily, DB's parents had been shopping at Weecycled's Stafford sale for a few years for his niece.  Thankfully, they picked up a some more sleepers for her the day after we got home from the hospital at the Weecycled sale that we were lucky enough to have the weekend after her birth.  I wasn't quite up to shopping or even walking yet.  Somehow, I got up the energy to hit the sale with DB 2 days later for their half off sale.  

That was the beginning of what now is a seasonal obsession.  So far this season, I've been to 4 consignment sales including one more I will post about after this.  I still have 4 more consignment sales I plan to shop.  

Weecycled Wardrobe's Fredericksburg sale is huge.  As my consignment sale style has evolved, I've learned that I don't prefer these large for profit consignment sales.  Additionally, unlike any other consignment sales I frequent, Weecycled has a minimum consignors can charge of $4.  This means even on half off days, the minimum you will spend per item is $2.  So, you are best served by purchasing bundled items.  

This is an Infantino Sling Rider that is recalled.  I have mixed feelings about this particular purchase.  I am seriously saddened that a for profit consignment sale specializing in children's goods would sell an item that not only was recalled but was also associated with the death of at least 3 infants.  It is illegal to sell recalled items.  I would feel awful if I saw this item and passed it by knowing that some other parent might buy it to use for their little one.  

The upside of me purchasing this,though, isn't just getting it off the market to prevent it from possibly injuring another child.   Owners of the recalled sling, can reach out to Infantino following the directions here to return the necessary portion of the sling to receive a different product in return.  Currently, they are offering a high chair cover or one of their mei tais.  The mei tai, of course, would be my recommendation as it is a well loved carrier in the babywearing community. 

 Their mei tais usually retail for around $35.  I picked up the Sling Rider for $2.  

This is an example of buying a bundle of items to get a better deal.  For $2, I picked up two 2 shirts and a skirt that will be perfect for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or even Flag Day.

I am a huge football fan especially of the Dallas Cowboys.  Unfortunately, NFL licensed apparel is way too expensive for my taste brand new usually $20 or more for a single onesie.  DB's parents are huge Redskins fans, sadly.  So, I am always on the lookout for some Cowboys clothes to balance out all the Skins onesies we've been given.  So, I was thrilled to pick up this 12 month onesie and 18 month dress for just $2.

This bundle of wooden puzzles includes 4 puzzles one of which is the Melissa and Doug Dress up Teddy Bear Puzzle with 45 interchangeable pieces to change the both their expressions and moods.  Awesome buy at just $2 considering these puzzles run anywhere from $7.99 to $14.99 each new.

This bundle was two pair of 18 month jeans for $2 one of which had an adjustable waist which are more difficult to find but needed for my little one's skinny waist.

Melissa and Doug Alphabet puzzle $2.  Of course, I love wooden puzzles; but I especially love that the peekaboo for O is an octopus.  I am always on the lookout for items featuring octopuses since they are her father's favorite.

Osh Kosh and Hanna Anderson tops for $2 for the bundle.

Ralph Lauren dress for $2.50.

Collection of Bear Board Books including I Love You Through and Through, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and We're going on a Bear Hunt for $2.

Two Spring outfits for $3.

My First Words Book from the Your Baby Can Read Series for $2.50.

Brown size 5 shoes for $2.  

Monday, March 28, 2016

Vegetable Ragout with Greens and Bulgur

Meatless Monday 

This recipe was born out of my desire to use up last bits of produce, but it turned out so well, that it will definitely be added to our rotation of dinner entrees.  I had 1 red brick sweet potato and half a bag of mixed greens(turnip greens, collard greens, and kale) and felt like doing something different but hearty as we seemed to be having the last blast of winter.

1-8.8 ounce package of quick cook bulgur

2 cups of greens

1 quart of tomato sauce(I used some I had canned last summer that already had onions, garlic, and basil.  If you use store bought, I would recommend adding onions while cooking the greens.)

approx 3-4 lbs root veggies I used enough to fill a half sheet pan or the equivalent of 2 potatoes, 1 white sweet potato, 2 carrots, 1 red brick sweet potato, 1/2 a rutabaga.  parsnips, turnips, celery root, etc would also work well.

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 cup of water

1 tablespoon minced garlic

salt and pepper to taste

1 tsp paprika

olive oil

1 tsp garlic and herb seasoning

1. Cut all the veggies into 1-2 inch cubes.

2, Roast the veggies in the oven at 425 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

3, Add oil to a pot, and saute the greens with the garlic.

4. Add the tomato sauce, spices, lemon juice, water, and bulgur to the pot.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce to a simmer for ten minutes.

5. Add your root veggies once they are done roasting.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Moms of Multiples Consignment Sale Haul

Two weekends ago, I attended our local moms of multiples consignment sale.  Moms of multiple consignment sales are pretty common nationwide.  This was my first time attending one of their sales.  Despite the sale being the smallest I've attended,  I was able to snag a few great deals.

This sale also happened to be one of the sales where it pays to get all the info about the sale in advance as they did charge a small fee for using a credit card.  So, to maximize savings, I grabbed cash to bring with me.

The Melissa and Doug wooden toys have been huge hits all having been played with every single days since I picked them up.  The first Elmo didn't work, but I wasn't terribly upset for only $1.  I wasn't sure when I saw it if it just needed its batteries replaced when I saw it at the sale.  She still tries to haul it around the house, and this way I don't have to worry about her breaking it in the process.

Left swimsuit $1.50 and Right $1

Melissa and Doug Rainbow Gear Caterpillar $1

Sesame Street Traveling Potty Seat $3

Melissa and Doug Wooden Sound Puzzle $1

Baby Doll Feeding Accessories $1.50

Robeez shoes $2.50 and Burgundy Shoes .50 cents

Toddler Hooded Beach Towel $1.50

 Elmo $1
18 month leggings $.50

Hokey Pokey Elmo $1

 Melissa and Doug Noah's Ark $3

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ball $.50