Sunday, May 17, 2009

my shoe collection part 25

i totally love these peep toe flats by merona for target. i actually picked these up in the store as opposed to my usual online target purchases. i had seen them on the website, but didn't really think they were that special. in december, my bud travis and i had taken a trip to target to look for a holiday tee for me to wear at work. not at all surprising, i decided to check out the shoe section. i began by checking the clearance section. when i saw the shoes, i decided to try them on since they were only $6.24. they were so much cuter on my feet. i initially had my reservations about peep toe flats since it was wintertime and they are suede making them more fall and winter shoes. i must say though it doesn't really chill my feet that much more than wearing flats in general. plus, how cute is that double buckle. and, i am a sucker for crocodile even if or especially if it is faux crocodile.

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