Saturday, April 25, 2009

$5 of $50 at target with borders rewards perks

borders rewards perks is a loyalty rewards program that is totally free meant to increase chain loyalty. borders and waldenbooks customers earn $5 bucks for every $150 spent at their stores. its totally free to sign up. additionally, they have"perks" for members who can enjoy discount at literally hundreds of other stores from kohls to home depot as well as discounts on tickets including concerts, sporting events, and movies. currently, they are offering 376 discounts. you can even sign up to be notified when discounts are available for your favorite retailer.
i have signed up for such notification for target discounts and received one of their notifications today advising that as a "perk" they are offering $5 off $50 purchases at target online. i have previously used this discount and know it works. it also works well when combined with target's free shipping for purchases of $50 or more in certain departments. in order to use this offer, you need to sign up to become a borders rewards perks member. then, go to the target offer. you will see a picture on the right side of the screen which says shop now. click on that button, and it will take you to target online where you can shop. once you go to checkout at target, the discount will show up as long as you total is $50 before tax and shipping.
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