Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i'm so not down with the lingo these days

as we have been having computer problems with our desktop computer, my boyfriend and i have been sharing my laptop. this really sucks since both of us spend way too much time on the computer, me with blogging, and him with making and posting videos about videogaming. tonight, he is working on a video. this process takes hours much to my chagrin. while he was working on his dinner/taking a break, i got to have the laptop for a quick bit. so, i decided to work on my today's free stuff post for the day. as y'all know, i love freebies. hence, i have a few of my fave freebie sites bookmarked for quick searching. one of my sites is now, if you're already laughing, then you are much cooler than i am apparently. when i handed him back the laptop, i left this site up as it was the last one i had happened to search. in case, you decide to check it out, this site is hit or miss whether i find anything good, but i like to be thorough. my fave freebie site is actually the forum at back to the story already in progress. sorry, i do have the habit of meandering off subject. he picked up the laptop, and immediately got a puzzled look on his face. you see the top of the website just has the logo, and this is how the conversation went:

him: what were you looking at?
me: what do you mean?
him: oh the obviously don't know what fap is? laughter
me: huh?
him: i have to tell my friends about this. they are die when they see this.
me: acting quietly confused
him: wait, you know what fap is, right?
him: its leet speak for self gratification(ok, he used a different phrase. but, i'm censoring this to be less graphic.)

he then went to a chat room and had to tell all his friends about this site and got a good laugh especially at my lack of being in the know. alright, i guess i am officially old. like the signs weren't there before, but each time it gets thrown in my face like this, i think a little bit of me dies. and, yes my boyfriend who happens to be 5 years my junior is still giving me grief hours later about this faux pas.
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