Friday, May 8, 2009

my trip to goodwill

i tried out another goodwill wednesday searching for usable materials for refashioning and just cool finds in general. i was specifically looking for sheets to use as fabric for skirts, men's shirts also for skirts, and t-shirts once again for skirts. would you guess i'm on a skirt kick? but skirts are my favorite in the summertime since i don't wear shorts hardly at all in public at least. no such luck on this trip with any of my searching for refashioning. i did find a few things. i found these flats which were target new stock that i actually have been looking at

they are satin with a patent band on the toe with a plastic jewel like flower. currently has them for $8.24, but i got mine at goodwill for $3.50.
i am also always on the search for jersey lounge pants. for some reason, i can never seem to find them in stores anymore. they are my fave to wear at home. as soon as i get home, i always change into lounge pants and t-shirt or shorts depending on the weather. i got lucky and found some lounge pants that are green which is one of my favorite colors. and, how cute are the purple buttons and ribbon drawstring. they also had the right color tag to be 50% off.
so, these lounge pants only set me back $1.38. sadly, i am still hunting for fabric.
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