Friday, May 8, 2009

twitter is driving me bonkers

twitter was supposed to have scheduled maintenance at 5pm est. i understand it is a free service, and i'm sure maintenance is necessary. but, why at 5pm? why not at like 3 am when less people are trying to tweet? and, i was totally in the middle of a conversation with dear annette. and, so much crap is going on that i want to tweet about right now which isn't always true; so of course it has to go down. the message on twitter said it would be down for an hour. hour was up, and twitter came back up albeit running super slow. then, bam, as i was in the middle of tweeting, it went down again. no cute message like i normally get like this:
oh, no, now internet explorer just tells me oops! this link appears to be broken. why can't it just work? i know i have my last nerve plucked in general, and that's why i am being driven to the nth degree of frustration with twitter being down. perhaps, this is all merely a sign of my twitter addiction. or, my need for some serenity now. perhaps, i need an aa meeting, or a slurpee, or hot bath, or something anything to calm my nerves.
anywho, if twitter is working, you can follow me at rebos2003. i'd love to tweet with all of y'all.
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