Friday, May 8, 2009

i really do have a fairy blog mother

many thanks are due to annette of fairy blog mother blog. she really is a fairy blog mother. tee hee. if you don't know her, she really is super sweet, funny, and sometimes a bit dirty but in a totally fabulous way. she also has amazing giveaways. so, if you're not following her, definitely check her out. i am so lucky to have become bloggy friends with her. she sent me a direct message on twitter to check out a link, and low and behold she had basically created a new layout for me with a header, button, and lots of other cool additions. unfortunately, twitter is now down for maintanence, so i can't really get all the details from her on how to make the changes. once its back, i am planning on making a lot of these changes and giving my blog a facelift. and, she said she did this because she was bored. how amazing is that.
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