Friday, May 8, 2009


i know i have been desperately searching for stuff for refashioning at thrift stores. i have been completely surprised out how few sheets especially sheets with pattern on them i have found at goodwill. so, i decided to walk to the salvation army thrift that is in the shopping center down the street from my home. i didn't find any sheets that i liked. the only patterned sheets i came across had country style flowers on them. not really my cup of tea. however, i did find a single curtain panel i think may work.

i think the contrasting gold band will be cute for the hem. since i want the skirt to be knee length, it should leave me with lots of extra material to create other items like maybe a bag. my juices are flowing. since it was only a single panel, i got it for $1. to top that off, i even came across a scrabble game. i'm not sure if it has all the tiles, but i don't really care since i want to turn them into pendants. score. and, the total of my purchases was only $3.
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