Thursday, May 7, 2009

i couldn't be more thrilled at this find.

i wandered into goodwill yesterday looking for nothing in particular possibly some things to refashion or maybe get lucky and find more potential crayon molds or of course shoes. as i was wandering through the home goods section, i passed a wooden bookshelf with hardback books. now, i knew better than to look at the books especially after my recent library haul where i acquired more than 50 books. but, i could not help myself. my eyes were immediately drawn to
you see i had previously owned eats shoots & leaves. somehow in all the moving and roomates of the last few years, the book disappeared. i dearly love this book. yes, it brings out my inner dork. yes, i was an english major. yes, i was an english teacher. this book speaks to that part of me that corrects silently and sometimes not so silently those around me when they use poor grammar and uses my red pen(yes, i always have a red pen.) to correct incorrectly punctuated signs posted in the break room at work. but, this book goes beyond speaking to my inner stickler as lynne truss calls it. she takes a self deprecating stance on her inner stickler understanding that such rigidity is humorous to the rest of the world. in general, she makes punctuation funny even when some people think it may not be possible. i recommend this as required reading for any teacher, student, or english speaking human being in general. so, i just had to get it for $1 and am now happily rereading it.

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