Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my 1st giveaway-closed

so, i know i have been promising a giveaway for my 300th post, and here it is. i am giving away a set of my recycled crayons that i will soon be selling on etsy. the winner will get to choose from one of 3 designs either circles


or sea creatures

the sea creatures are available in the following six colors

purple and blue

bluegreen and orange

green and red

the circles and hearts are available in all those colors and in rainbow

the winner will also choose whether to get a set of 6 crayons all the same color or assorted colors. each recycled crayon is made with at least 8 crayola crayons.

here the way to get entries:
  1. you get one entry for commenting on this post

  2. you get an additional entry for following my blog via blogger just hit the follow button on my left sidebar. you need to say that you follow me in your comment. this will count for both new followers and those who already follow.

  3. you get an additional entry for following me on twitter. you can hit the button on my right sidebar to do this.

  4. you get 2 additional entries for blogging about my giveaway and leaving a comment including the link to your post.

  5. you get an additional entry for twittering about my giveaway. just leave the link to where you tweeted in a comment. if you need to know how to give me the link, check out my post here.

  6. you get 2 additional entries for posting a comment answering my calls for help picking posts to submit for featured blogger on sits here.

that's right, you have an opportunity to get up to 8 entries in my giveaway. i'm going to be using random integer generator. so, make a separate comment for each entry, so that i can assign each comment as an entry to get the winner. this is my first time, but it looks pretty simple. and, don't forget to leave your email in your comment, so i can contact the winner. this giveaway will close at midnight on wednesday, may 13th. i will contact the winner via email and announce the winner on my website by friday, may 15th.

don't forget, i still have dove coupons available, and handmade goodies from me available. please check them out and read those posts for details.

this giveaway is listed at mom's most travelled giveaway carnival. check it out, she has close to 200 giveaways currently listed in the carnival.

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