Thursday, May 7, 2009

grand opening next week

i finally took the plunge and opened an etsy account. it is called daffodilsandladybugs as these are two of my favorite things. i am still trying to figure out how to set up my shop and determine my prices.
it seems like a lot of fees to take into consideration. from what i can see on etsy, i get charged 20 cents for every item i list and they take 3.5% of my selling price. then, there are all of the paypal fees. paypal charges me $1.50 everytime i withdraw funds. and, every transaction someone makes with me they charge me .30 cents and 4.9% of the total transacation. these may not seem like a lot, but since i am selling small items most likely at a small price, they add up quickly eating away at any profit i can make. i want to make a profit, but i need to set a price people are willing to pay. i have been doing research searching etsy to see what other people are charging. it seems that the going rates vary from $1.50-$3 for individual crayons and $3-$7.95 for sets depending on the size and number.
i'm also trying to figure out how to make a banner for the top of my shop. if anyone knows how to do this, please give me some advice.
i plan on opening my etsy shop after my giveaway winner for my crayon giveaway is announced. so, if you don't win, please stop by my shop and pick up some of my crayons.
to begin with, i will just have the crayons in my shop. but, i plan to soon be adding some more of my crafts like scrabble pendants.
any advice and ideas from my readers would be greatly appreciated.
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