Monday, May 4, 2009

a chance to be on what not to wear

i am a fan of what not to wear on facebook as i am a super regular watcher and fan. i wish i could be on their show not because i think that i am less than fashionable. au contraire. i think i rock in the fashion department. but, who wouldn't love at trip to nyc and 5k to go shopping. two whole days of shopping, what could be more fun. plus, i totally want to meet clinton and stacey. my best friend and i have joked about nominating each other just so we could be on. well, since they will never come to my town, i guess that will never happen. as a fan on facebook, i got notification of this new program they have called are you fab or drab? you can submit fashion questions including pics to be read on air. to be featured on one of my fave shows would be amazing. now, if only i can think of a question.
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