Friday, May 8, 2009

how you can still use the kfc free meal coupons

everyone including me has been talking about kfc's coupons for free 2 piece grilled chicken meals. i may be a vegetarian, but the idea of getting 4 free meals for my boyfriend especially with our money woes right now is music to my ears. apparently, kfc underestimated how popular this promotion would be causing them to run out of the chicken at many locations. so, they've suspended honoring the coupons. instead, if you bring in the coupon to a kfc, they will give you a raincheck coupon which you must mail to them along with the coupon. you will receive a new coupon which will be usuable during a new 2 week period yet to be determined. also, el pollo loco is offering to honor the kfc coupon only on mother's day, may 10th.
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