Friday, May 8, 2009

whatcha think?

i know i've made a ton of changes to my blog thanks to dear annette at fairy blog mother's blog. so, i really want to know whatcha think? any suggestions? things that don't work for you, let me know. anything you wish i would add, let me know. right now, though, my blog will very much be a construction zone. so, please forgive the links that don't work, and other mess.

the downside of this is that i have a ton of other changes in the works, ie updating my blogroll, adding my etsy account. i know most of my sidebars are missing since i have to manually add those all back too. and, some of the links like those in the navigation bar are not yet working until i set them up. with all the technical work, i may not have as many blog posts over the next few days and be commenting on y'all's fabulous blogs. i promise i'll be back in full swing in a matter of days though.
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