Monday, May 4, 2009

magic or what we do for love

i love freebies, and i remembered my boyfriend had told me that as a boy he played magic the gathering. so, when i saw a free offer to get 2 decks of magic the gathering, of course i ordered them. i was at work when they arrived in the mail. seeing the company logo on the package my boyfriend decided to open it and see what i had gotten. frankly, i find this to be an annoying habit of his as it takes the pleasure out of me handing him a present even if it didn't cost me anything. the decks that i got for free are apparently starter decks that have combined only the amount of cards for one person to play. so, he felt inspired to stop into the gaming store beside his work and pick up more cards, so we could play together. initially, i was a bit taken aback not only that he had spent money even if it was less than $10, but also by the idea of playing anything that could be found in a gaming store. i've had several friends who played dungeons and dragons or mmorpgs like uo and wow. i don't get them. sorry, i just don't. my best friend loves wow. i've sat there with her ensconsed in conversation while she does her thing. she has tried for years to get me into it to no avail. so, in my real lack of knowledge of what magic the gathering was, i blew it off as being in that vain. but, then, i thought to myself if a supafly professional poker player like david williams was once a magic player, how bad can it be? plus, i've learned in a relationship, i have to try things i may not like just because he likes them. so, i gave it a whirl. turns out its like a complicated strategy board game just with cards. turns out and please do not laugh at my utter and complete dorkiness here, but i had a lot of fun. in fact, i kept wanting to play. and, since doing something together even as simple as playing a game together helps keep us together, i'm on board to play it more. i will not be playing in any tournaments or shopping in gaming shops anytime soon.
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