Sunday, May 3, 2009

why is there a dustpan on my porch?

i came home to find a dustpan on my porch. now, maybe this is normal behavior in some people's homes; but far from it in mine. i'm not big on sweeping inside myself, but my porch, well, lets just say that's never going to happen. the porch is outside, and i'm perfectly ok with dirt being outside. and, lets just say my boyfriend is not exactly a neatfreak.
so, i promptly inquire as to why there is a dustpan on my front porch. the answer fills me with horror. he dropped the dustpan which was attached to the broom when removing the beginnings of a wasp nest. before i could begin to hyperventilate with fear, he advised me he had also sprayed the whole porch down with commercial spray that is supposed to kill and prevent wasps and hornets.
why such fear on my part? well, i found out less than 5 years ago that i am deathly allergic to wasps and hornets. i was lucky in many ways to find out so late in life. i got to spend most of my youth outdoors without fear. the downside is that i am relatively ignorant as to what to do to be safe and avoid wasps and hornets. especially after getting stung 9 times by hornets who must have had a home under my neighbor's azalea bushes which border our lawn while mowing the lawn last year, my boyfriend would prefer to keep my indoors as much as possible during the spring and summer. i grew up spending most of my time outdoors and prefer the freedom to go out whenever i want. i also am not a fan of using commercial pesticides. however if it can save my life, i'm willing to do it. so, if anyone knows any possible ways to prevent these nasty buggers like certain plants, please let me know.
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