Thursday, April 30, 2009

my dove package has arrived and a small giveaway

my package from dove finally arrived in the mail today. my package included one new full sized dove ultimate visibily smooth nature fresh scented deoderant with pro epil complex and 24 sets of coupons to share with my bloggy friends. how exciting. i get to try a product before it even hits the shelves. according to their website, it goes out on shelves in 4 days and should be distributed nationwide by the middle of june.
i, of course, plan on trying on trying the dove visibily smooth deoderant and telling y'all all about it. but, that will be in a few weeks. and, why a few weeks you ask? well, because this deoderant promises a special feature. according to their paperwork they sent, in addition to their odor and wetness protection, conditioning of underarm skin, and lack of white marks, this deoderant makes underarm stubble easier to deal with by conditioning underarm skin and hair, softening stubble, and over time making underarm hair look and feel less noticeable. they state that within a few weeks your underarm hair should appear and feel softer and finer. so, i'll start using it tomorrow and report back with results in 3 weeks.
for now, i thought i would give some first thoughts. the pink packaging is definitely cute. i also like the subtle nature fresh scent which they describe as having green floral and fruity notes although all i smell is the floral notes. it really is light and shouldn't compete with any perfume you want to wear.
now, for the giveaway part. as i mentioned, i received 24 coupons. each coupon card actually has 2 coupons each for $2 off the any dove visibly smooth deoderant. as a coupon junkie, i have to say that's one of the best dove coupons i've ever seen. and, since they are good through 12/31/09, i'm sure you'll have plenty of time to use them and combine them will a great sale to really get an awesome deal on dove deoderant. i know some of y'all out their are like me and love saving money and will want these coupons. for any international readers, i believe these coupons are only good in the us. sorry.
how can you get them. well, i'll make that part super easy.
  1. the first 24 people to comment and subscribe to my blog will get the coupons.
  2. and, as an added bonus for the first 5 people who also follow me on twitter and comment with their twitter screen name for me to verify that, will also receive a coupon for $1 off kellogg's shredded mini wheats.
  3. not to forget those who already follow me, leave a comment telling me you already follow me and want these coupons; and you can be part of the 24 to receive these awesome coupons.
  4. please leave your email address in the comment, so i can contact you to get your mailing info to send you the coupon.
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