Thursday, April 30, 2009

to eat or not to eat swine

now, as a vegetarian, my choice is easy. i obviously don't eat any pork products. but, with the ignorantly named swine flu pandemic(i say that as it really is a mutation of flu combining swine flu, avian flu, and human originated flu never before seen.), i have noticed a lot of people are eliminating eating pork products. my work has posted a notice advising correctly(i have linked an article explaining there is no danger as verified by the cdc.) that eating pork can not cause the swine flu. despite this notice which patrons should easily be able to see, i have overheard patrons commenting that they shouldn't eat pork now because of the possibilty of catching swine flu. i want to shake these people as i find this level of ignorance and misguided decision making based on misinformation beyond aggravating. i am not trying to advocate the eating of meat. however, i feel people should make decisions for the right, most informed decisions.
and, of greater fear to me is the shocking and drastic drop in our business the last few days; and that as a restaurant known for serving pork the unfounded fear may be the reason. when i say business has dropped, i mean from being slow to being a ghost town. monday evening, we had over an hour without customers.
even sadder to me is a story about semi local potential h1n1 pandemic, the name the us government is now recommending using for the current swine flu pandemic to prevent decrease in sales of pork products in the us. i caught a bit of the 11 o'clock news about the 8 potential cases of the pandemic in maryland. 3 of these specifically involve children. parents are calling for the kids names to be released. note that these cases have yet to be confirmed. all of these children are currently hospitalized awaiting cdc confirmation of a diagnosis. the only death in the us due to the current pandemic is actually from a toddler who was visiting from mexico. and, the cdc has found a combination of tamiflu and relenza effectively combat the virus once infected. its bad enough the torture children can inflict on one another. the last thing these sick children need is to be vilified by parents too. from what i can tell, schools are notifying parents and the media that the potential occurs and doing their best to disinfect schools. one school has a crew of 20 people cleaning the school tonight. names are not needed. one should assume the possible risk once one kid could be infected without needing to know the kid's name.
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