Thursday, April 30, 2009

i've fallen in love

...with a new candy, or at least new to me.

i was in the dollar store today just to look for some sugar substitute for my iced tea. while waiting in line, i couldn't stop looking at the whoppers reese's peantut butter candy. they may not be new as i discovered with a quick search of the web. they have been around for a year, but they were new to me. i saw them on the endcap last week by the cash register, but somehow managed to avoid them. this time, i could not escape their draw. i love whopper's combo of chocolate exterior and malted core. however, i only purchase them at halloween to give away to trick or treaters and eat the leftovers myself(at least the ones my boyfriend doesn't eat.).
and, they did not dissapoint. in fact, they were much better than i expected. usually, peanut butter candy is dry and taste not quite like peanut butter. with these, the exterior is slick and when you put it in your mouth dissolves with a creamy, very peanut buttery flavor much like reese's pieces interior which is by far my fave peanut butter flavored candy. then, the candy melts to the yummy malted core.
now, i have a bigger problem. i can't stop eating them. i mean i seriously can't stop. please, someone take them and hide them from me, because this is quickly becoming a problem.
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