Sunday, April 26, 2009

who doesn't love getting packages in the mail

shannon at welcome to the nuthouse is hosting a hometown swap. its like a secret santa except in june and via the internet. the point is to connect people across the blogosphere. participants will be sending items representative of areas of interest from their hometown and receive goodies from someone in a place they wish to visit. for instance, i live in fredericksburg, virginia home to 4 battlefields from the civil war, mary washington college(i know its now the university of mary washington, but i went there went it was mwc and will always be that to me.), george washington's childhood home to name a few. so, i might be sending some civil war memorbilia, something from the college, or items representative of virginia in general like peanut brittle. i haven't decided on anything for sure as i just found about it today, so these are just some examples. and, she's added some reasonable price limits between $20-$30.
the way it will work is people who want to participate need to comment on her blog and email her at with your name, address, blog name, blog address, and the area of the country ie new england that you wish you could visit but never have. she will match up people and contact them back. if you want to participate, you have to contact her by may 6th, and she promises to contact participants back with their match by the 9th of may. everyone will have a month to send their packages. sounds like a cool idea to me. after the swap, she'll be posting links about everyone's goodies on her blog. and, as a bonus, she is promising a cool gift to the person who refers the most people to the swap. so, if you decide to participate let her know you heard about it from me.
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