Thursday, April 30, 2009

crazy eights

i've been tagged. my darling shell has tagged me. so i am super excited. the game is pretty simple.

  1. mention the person who tagged you.

  2. post your list of 8's

  3. tag 8 bloggers, and tell them you tagged them

8 things i'm looking forward to

  1. hitting 300 posts
  2. my 10 year college reunion which will be here in less than a month
  3. summertime especially spending time in the pool over at my friend paul's house
  4. getting my 70-200mm vr lens
  5. dinner egads am i hungry
  6. next wednesday, is it bad that i'm ready for my weekend already and my work week has yet to begin
  7. my prize arriving in the mail from the photo contest i won
  8. harpers island coming on saturday what can i say i'm hooked

8 things i did yesterday

  1. blogged
  2. made a deposit at the bank
  3. caught up on a lot of my tv watching i had saved up on my dvr
  4. made a pit stop at the dollar store and got reese's whoppers
  5. uploaded new pics to my facebook page
  6. took pics of rain covered azaleas
  7. ate some veggie mei fun from the only place in town that offers it
  8. talked on the phone with travis

8 things i wish i could do

  1. learn to crochet
  2. skydive
  3. write a book
  4. take a vacation
  5. travel the world
  6. make computer graphics. i really want to make to make my own illustrations for my posts and a button for my blog.
  7. make pottery. i've always wanted to learn
  8. go on a shopping spree

8 shows i watch

  1. all the csi shows
  2. survivor
  3. house
  4. the daily show
  5. real time with bill maher
  6. deadliest catch
  7. are you being served?
  8. ncis

8 favorite fruits

  1. watermelon
  2. strawberries
  3. canteloupe
  4. peaches
  5. grapes
  6. pluots
  7. pineapple
  8. pomegranate

8 places i would like to travel

  1. savannah, ga(guess i've watched midnight in the garden of good and evil too many times)
  2. ireland
  3. texas
  4. paris
  5. hawaii
  6. japan
  7. california
  8. alaska

8 places i have lived

  1. gloucester, va
  2. mary washington college, fredericksburg, va
  3. king george, va
  4. spotsylvania, va
  5. fredericksburg, va
  6. stafford, va
  7. aquia, va
  8. fredericksburg, va(ok, so what if the last 7 are all pretty much the same area.)

8 people i am tagging

  1. reston mom
  2. food for thought
  3. life with liane
  4. chicken nuggets of wisdom
  5. fairy blog mom
  6. welcome to the nuthouse
  7. papertree
  8. the ie mommy

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