Thursday, April 30, 2009

good times

it's been awhile since i've posted pics from my tuesday nights with friends. since my regular digital camera's flash died and i don't feel entirely comfortable bringing out my dslr every week, i haven't taken many pics. luckily, my friend paul brought his camera last night. unfortunately, these are not really the cutest pics.

yes, those really are the world's biggest dark circles under my eyes. between working 2 doubles in a week and battling several nights in a row of insomnia, all the concealer in the world couldn't cover my dark circles. in fact, my friend chris asked me if i was recovering from a black eye since according to him it looked like the last day of a bruise healing when i was turned to the side.

yes, those are flats. i know i usually wear heels, but i thought the flats looked too cute with the skirt. and, i loved it being warm enough to wear this skirt out.
we all think this one is too funny cause it looks like john lee and janet are about to make out. uh-oh, watch out paul.

i took this one of paul singing. he of course looks adorable as always. and, there is drew working in the background.

me and tim. tim's been ill and hasn't been able to come out for quite some time. so, i had to come early to spend more time with him.

a cute pic of paul and john lee

john lee took this one of me dancing, but to me it looks like my girls are going to make me topple over.

i was trying to take a pic of us, but as you can see that didn't work out so well. paul looks sleepy(well, it was after 1am.), and i look evil.

paul takes the pic of us, but this time i look sleepy.

laura singing as trav looks on.

i have no pics of chris or kevin from last night, but as they reminded me, i have a million of them.
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