Saturday, May 2, 2009

please be patient with me

last night, i received an email from one of the sweetest bloggers i've talked to. she was wondering when and if she could be added to my blogroll. i told her i had been meaning to especially since this was part of a series of emails back and forth for the two of us filled with me gushing about my love for her creations. i know i need to make a lot of updates to my blog layout. i promise they are on the way. i have a tons going on with my blog right now as i mentioned in my update post yesterday. i'm also trying to create a better header and my own button and one for my upcoming recipe swap. i promise a better blog soon once i get thru the next 2 weeks. in the meantime, if you're not listed on my blogroll or want to do a button swap, let me know. comment here with your email, and i promise to get back to you. i'm usually reply within 24 hours barring something crazy like being ill. also, any suggestions on improvements i should make to my blog, let me know.
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