Wednesday, April 29, 2009

popeye's chicken makes people crazy

ok, i may be a vegetarian; but my boyfriend is not. so, when we heard that popeye's would be offering 8 pieces chicken for $4.99 on april 22nd, he made me promise him to pick him up some. i must admit having never purchased chicken i had no idea that this was a good deal. after my experience though, i believe him. i spent time with friends in the afternoon and then ran errands. so, i didn't make it to popeye's until about 8pm. i was completely surprised by what i found. the parking lot was completely full with not a parking space to spare. in fact, people were walking over to popeye's from a nearby shopping center. the drive thru line was out onto rt 3 a major roadway for our city. and, the line in the store was out the door. i did however get him his chicken, and some sides from me. i was disappointed that the corn on the cob does not come already buttered. the fries though were awesome and come in a huge portion.
and then, i saw this video on youtube today thanks to cheap chica. now, i don't feel so bad about my popeye's experience. you really should watch the video. its too funny.
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