Monday, April 27, 2009

crayon hearts

i've been experimenting with making crayon hearts. for some reason of all the shapes out there, i can't seem to find heart shaped candy molds. i read about making them with cookie cutters placing it on aluminum foil. well, i tried and ended up with a hot mess.

all the wax just seeped out the side leaving me with a puddle of wax.
imagine my joy when i found these at goodwill for $1 for the set of 4

i'm only going to use one for crayons and save the rest for making cute little mini cakes and other adorable heart shaped deserts.
here's the tin loaded up with 8 broken up crayons.
and, the finished product
not sure how i feel since they ended up about 3/4" deep, but i think the lines of these will make them easy to color with.
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