Friday, May 1, 2009

awesome free retouching of photos

bravo is promoting their new show, make me a supermodel, by allowing you to retouch photos for free. it works a lot like an extremely basic form of photoshop. i don't really need this since i have the premium photoshop that i got last year for my birthday, but i thought i'd play around with it to show y'all what it can do. so, here's my original photo of my boyfriend and i in atlantic city back in 2007.

i started by smoothing out my roots to cover up my root regrowth. i should have dyed my hair before leaving, but we kind of planned the trip on the fly. so, no time to hit the bottle. next step for me was to change the photo to black and white as i thought that might look nicer on the wall. well, here's the final result.

ok, but i will admit the site is super slow.
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