Monday, April 27, 2009

belle's adventure at petsmart

tuesday, petsmart had a birthday bash for pets from 6-8pm which i blogged about on my freebie posts. they were taking pet photos and giving away free sample packs and a digital photo frame to people who came in with their pet or pets. there was also supposed to be a musical sits game for dogs with prizes. i decided i wanted to take my eldest cat, belle and see if could get her picture taken. there is no way the youngest would have been good with the experience especially since she hides from anyone except for me and my boyfriend. i lost her harness some time ago which is probably fine since i think she's gotten a bit too big for it anyway. so, i put her in her cloth cat carrier which has venting on four sides for her adventure. i love her cat carrier as it has a long strap that i can put over my shoulder leaving my hands free. she hated the car ride as always moaning her heart away as if she was being tortured. i'm not sure matters were ameliorated when a group of dogs all went crazy seeing her as we entered the doors. i took her to the birds which i knew she would love watching. she got quiet and watched as if in a trance. she'd never seen fish to my knowledge, so i wasn't sure how she'd react. she was equally happy to watch the fish swimming too. they were no longer taking pictures when i arrived, but we did get some nice samples, a puzzle and a coupon for $25 off of an office visit pictured above. not sure if the car ride made it worth it for her, but i think she enjoyed her trip.
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