Monday, April 27, 2009

my book haul

last week was our library's semi annual book sale. i keep this on my calendar for april and october to never miss it just for the last part of the sale where you get a box of books for $1. that's right as many books as you can stuff into a box which they even provide for $1. what a steal. the previous days of the sale they offer the books which are either donations or discards for $2 to .25 cents. but, the last day is by far the best deal. they also have vhs tapes, audio books, and records. they have everything from hardback books to kidsbooks to cookbooks. the money they make from the book sale goes to helping the library. i sometimes even find new books that have never even show any signs of wear. i hate to admit it, but i given away some of these books. a friend and i shared a box this time. i ended up with close to 50 books myself including one by wally lamb that i had been wanting to read in hardback. several libraries around the country have similar sales.
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