Sunday, April 26, 2009

missing the mark

i know i had said when i hit 200 blog posts back 30th of march that i expected to hit 300 by the end of april. well, with only a few days left, i am about 50 short of that goal. i'm pretty bummed about it too. i have a few more days left and about 15 scheduled to post over the next few days. yes, i finally learned how to schedule posts this month, although i often get antsy and still post a bunch at a time anyway. i am dissapointed, but i did have about a week where i was feeling a bit antisocial(my bipolar disorder was rearing its nasty head.) and, then there was the headache with my computer. no more apologies, crap happens. point is i want let everyone know that i am definitely going to be doing my first giveaway for my 300th post. so, be on the lookout as i am sure it will be coming sooner than you think.
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