Thursday, April 30, 2009

how i find the freebies

recently, i've received several comments asking how i find all the freebies i post here. of course, i still want y'all to read my blog. but, instead of answering each of you in the comments section, i decided to give y'all some insight in this post.

  1. first, i have several sites i check daily to see what new freebies they have posted. the two i look at most are and

  2. next, i am a member of and am subscribed to them on google reader and twitter. this way, i am notified immediately whenever someone posts a new freebie. freestufftimes is a forum where members can post freebies they've found, coupons, rebates, giveaways, and pics of freebies received. additionally, i've signed up at sites like where they notify me of any new free products that are available as they become available. this is probably one of the best resources out there by far.

  3. whenever i sign up for free samples, i click the box that says to notify me of offers and samples. then, i receive notification via email of new offers.

  4. i'm signed up at to receive texts with the free rental code.

  5. i also check at every few days to see what free samples, free music downloads, and in store events they have.

  6. i'm signed up at to be notified of any upcoming house party opportunities to get free products and share them with friends at a house party.

  7. several sites regularly offer free samples such as proctor and gamble and dove. in fact, both sites have free samples available.

  8. i follow other freebie and frugal bloggers to see what they've found. these blogs inclube fantabulously frugal, saving in style, northern cheapskate, and affluent pauper.

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