Thursday, April 2, 2009

blogs i love edition 4

sits as it is lovingly referred to has been a blessing to my blog and blogging life. you may have noticed the button for the secret is in the sauce on the new left sidebar(could i be any prouder that i figured out how make a left sidebar?). the secret is in the sauce is an awesome community of mainly female bloggers who support one another. it is all about discovering new blogs and commenting on each others blogs. since i have joined sits, my comments on my blog have increased dramatically and who doesn't appreciate some blog love. it has been a wonderful opportunity to find new blogs such as chicken nuggets as wisdom which i know follow. every day, sits features a new blogger from their community. after i have been a part of this community for a bit of time, i hope to submit posts to be a featured blogger. i highly recommend joining the sits community.
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