Monday, March 30, 2009

out of the mouths of babes

i may have no little ones of my own, but i have a huge soft spot in my heart for kiddos. working in a family restaurant instead of a bar was a bit of a transition for me especially being used to having little ones under feet. i enjoy waiting on tables with kids. sure those tables tend to be more of a mess to clean up and require more work in general, but i like being around the cutie pies. of the families that are regulars, i must admit i have 3 favorites children. i tend to preen over them just a little more as long as i have a bit of time to do so talking to them. my favorite happens to be this adorable 3 year old who comes in with her dad. she is all attitude and very much wants to be independent. she got upset after getting sad because she accidentally ripped her kids menu, and it wasn't pretty anymore. she has the cutest pouty face, and totally has her daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger. i'm a bit of a sucker too(actually all my female coworkers are and even some of my male coworkers too at least for her). so, i got her a new one of course; and she was happy.
after she and her daddy had finished eating, i came by to pick up their plates which were neatly stacked off to the side as her father always does. i noticed she had taken the parsley off of her plate and was holding it in her hand like a bouquet. before i could even ask her what she was doing with the parsley, she told me she and her daddy were having a tea party, and asked me if i liked her pretty flowers(the parsley)? i couldn't help giggling. i told her they were lovely and even got her some more. i just couldn't stop laughing at how precious she was being.
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