Sunday, March 29, 2009

what a beautiful day

i had an amazing day. my friend, shell, was visiting frednecksburg. i briefly got to meet up with her and her wonderful family and have some carl's which is a double yippee skippee in my book. i didn't take any pics of her visit, but her dad took a pic which she'll be sending to me soon.
speaking of pics when dan left for work, i scurried outside and played with my camera's motion feature. with the wind being so crazy today, i used it to take some flower pics. i really like the way the above pic turned out. the blades in the background looking out of focus reminded me of a watercolor painting.
and, i watched satc the movie. the more i watch that movie, the more i think i am like samantha. having been in a relationship now for 3 years(this month, it was 3 years. i'm still in shock how time has flown.), i still miss the single days. there is still a part of me that has committment issues. i love the way she breaks up with smith. i love you, but i love me more. and, i hate that carrie wears those pearls in that movie. that is so not what her character would wear. ick. it made me want to scream and turn my head every time she was on the screen with those long single strand of simple white pearls. on the brighter side, the movie just increases my need(not want i mean need) to get some black sandals like she wears repeatedly in the movie. i so need them for my darker skirts like the one i got recently from target.
now, i'm off to do some cleaning.
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