Sunday, March 29, 2009

a visit from my shell

that's me and shell outside of carl's. i mentioned in my previous post that i would post the pic once i got it from shell. well, here it is(please excuse my not so cute post work hair. it was still wet from taking a shower after work). but, i thought i might tell you a little bit more about why shell is so important to my blogging world. i was lucky enough to meet shell back in college here in frednecksburg. we remained friends the first year after i graduated since we were both living in the fredericksburg area. she even meet and approved my first post college boyfriend. once she moved back to va beach, sadly we lost touch. shell is funny, opinionated, and always cutely dressed. i missed her humor and the good times,but i sucked into my bar filled world where i was living in the here and now. i've found though after college, its easy to lose touch even if you have the best of intentions. thanks to myspace, several years ago shell and i got the opportunity to reconnect and have maintained that through facebook and twitter. when she alerted me to her blog, i checked it out and thought i might enjoy trying it to. so, she's to thank/blame for my blogging in the end. after years of watching pics of her kidlets growing, it was good to finally meet them. although seeing her in person after all these years did make me a bit nervous. i feel like i know her family even if i haven't seen them. they are the cutest kiddos ever(i reserve the right to take that back if i ever have my own kiddos.)
if you haven't checked out her blog, i highly recommend you check it out here. she's an amazing working mom with amazing taste.

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