Thursday, February 12, 2009

i've been waiting months and finally, carl's reopens tomorrow

carl's is reopening tomorrow. this happens every year, and every year i am filled with anticipation. carl's ice cream is a fredericksburg, virginia landmark. its such a big deal that it even has its own wikipedia page and has made it on the national historic registry.
the first time i ever came to fredericksburg was on a history trip my junior year in high school. the way these trips worked was that we would visit historical spots as well as a college in the town we visited. the college was mary washington, and i was so smitten that i knew that would be where i was going to college. and, i did. our last stop before heading back home was carl's ice cream or as those who live here call it just "carl's". they feature frozen custard(note not enough egg to be called such but higher than traditional soft serve ice cream), malts, and shakes. that is all nothing else just the good stuff. they have an insanely devoted following leading to long lines regardless of weather and a fan page and group on facebook. i admit to having waited in line in the rain for carl's. no matter how long the line it always moves quickly. i become part of the devotees in college where walking trips to carl's are regular for students. in fact, my first date involved a trip to carl's. post college, i once worked at a bar as a poker hostess within quick walking distance of carl's and had my players regularly bring me carl's as a treat. as an added bonus, carl's is still quite cheap. a sugar cone is only about $1.
carl's always closes around my birthday and reopens around valentine's day. the actual dates it closes are the weekend before thanksgiving and the weekend of presidents it reopens. but, i like my way of remembering better. i hate that i've lost the pics i have of carl's. but, i hope to take some more and hopefully include one or more in my show in april. i'm super excited about it reopening tomorrow and hope to visit some time this weekend even if its supposed to get cooler this weekend. if you're ever in this area, take the time and get some carl's.
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