Monday, February 9, 2009

a little under the weather

you may have noticed that i have more posts on my blog today than usual. i'm glad that i have been able to get more done today on here but wish it hadn't been under these circumstances. having gone to bed early tired after a rough day,i was then awoken ill at 1:30am. for four hours, i was prisoner to my bathroom desperately wishing i could sleep. over 2 hours before i was supposed to be at work, i got a phone to not come in to work due to lack of business which normally would have upset me terribly but today may have been a blessing. the thought of being around food caused my stomach to turn. between the cable being out and my boyfriend playing video games since none of his web browsers working(if anyone has any ideas how to fix this, i will be eternally grateful since we can't live long sharing my laptop to get on the web.)., i have spent a lot of time on the web. thankfully, i have been able to keep down my lunch; but i still feel a bit queasy. my satellite is back up, but i still can't get the guide to work. down side of the guide being down is that my dvr won't tape its normal programming since it doesn't recognize any upcoming shows. erghhhhh:(

at least, i had a companion posted happily above me in my loving cat, belle. this is her seated on the back of the couch not her best pic, but i thought it was too cute with her tongue sticking out. and, yes, the blinds do need a good cleaning.
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