Tuesday, February 10, 2009

obama's presidential speech

due to my satellite issues, i missed some of obama's speech. i should preface my brief discussion of obama's speech by saying i voted for him. so, in general, i'm a fan. however, my background in public speaking seems to take over whenever obama opens his mouth. anything is an improvement over george w. bush and his stumbles with the english language and constant coining of new words when generally unnecessary. obama seemed to spend the majority of the part of the speech i saw struggling to remember what he was supposed to say next. c'mon. you are the first african american president. all eyes are on you. please don't screw this up. it literally was painful for me to watch. practice more, get a teleprompter, do something. he was talking about the stimulus package which is quite controversial. now is the time he needed to be convincing, and i didn't feel i could listen to what he had to say. perhaps, i am overly critical. i certainly hope so. i am still unsure how i feel about the stimulus package, and his speech did not help sway my opinion.
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