Friday, February 13, 2009

free silver necklaces for those who've lost jobs or homes

not sure how i feel about this story. fox fine jewelry is giving away free silver necklaces valued at $99 to those who have lost their jobs or homes, so they too have something for valentine's day. not sure that a silver necklace makes up for their situation, but the sentiment truly is sweet. debbie fox owner of fox fine jewelry was moved by all the people in these difficult times selling family heirlooms to get money they need to get by. i have to admit the stories she has on her website really are sad. now, several other jewelers throughout the country are doing the same thing as part of this program. i looked at the list and there is even one in my town. so, with just your termination slip or foreclosure notice, you can valuable jewelry to most likely pawn to pay bills. for more info check out their website
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