Monday, February 9, 2009

cute ideas for a hearty (pun intended) valentine's breakfast

i got this picture from though i was unable to find the recipe there after seeing it featured on several other blogs such as and i think it is too cute and super simple. the above link to polka dot apron lists the recipe which seems to be a bit different from a mother's day one i found on martha stewart. i have a feeling that not only is it a bit easier but also more fool proof. all you need is bread, egg, butter, cooking spray, a heart shaped cookie cutter, and of course a pan to cook it in. now, they make heart shaped pancake/egg cookers. but, why bother buying another tool to fill up your kitchen when its this easy to do it with a heart shaped cookie cutter something i'm sure most of us already have and has a heck of a lot more uses.
i think the egg/toast combo would be doubly cute if served next to some heart shaped pancakes. heart shaped pancakes are super simple to make, and there are tons of ways to make them. the easiest if to make pancakes then cut into heart shape. but, this creates wasted pancake; and who wants to waste food especially something as yummy as pancakes. now, working in a breakfast joint; i've learned how by trial and error how to free form them as i pour although this is certainly the most advanced method and not something i would recommend on such a special day. martha stewart recommends using a pastry bag to pipe the heart shape. my easy replacement for a pastry bag is a baggie with a hole cut in one of the corners in which you can either use without or with a round tip.
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