Thursday, February 12, 2009

freebies i got in the mail today 2/12/09

yesterday, the only freebies i got were magazine subscriptions. i did use the free diet dr. pepper coupon as well as a free coupon i had gotten for super pretzels when i went to walmart. today's mail though brought some good stuff.
they had other flavors too. i originally posted this freebie here can't wait to try this, but i'll wait since i have the cupcakes.
a cute notepad from pur through walmart with a sticker to remember when to change your filter.
a better view of the notepad portion. the writing on the top is some handy conservation tips.
sorry, this is a sideways shot; but i am having trouble righting it. some lightdays samples from walmart which are definitely useful.
all in all, good mail day.

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