Tuesday, February 10, 2009

worn out

i am feeling completely drained right now. i just got back from kim's visitation/wake/not quite sure what the right term would be. as any memorial is, this was difficult and uncomfortable. actually, my whole day was a bit trying. when i got the obit info online yesterday, somehow my mind went out and i forgot it was today. i got to work and everyone was asking me if i was coming to the memorial tonight. i was flasbergasted. how could i have gotten confused and forgotten. the memorial was 6-8 and was not scheduled to get cut til 5pm. some people were planning on getting together to eat before at 5:30. there was no way i could make that especially since i had no clothes to change into with me. we were absolutely dead at work which stinks cause i wasn't making money, but gave me time to scramble and get everything together. luckily, my friend brian got off work at 2, and we could make plans to go together. i abhor memorial services, but having gone to more than i wish just in the last 3 months, i am getting used to it. of course, my last table sat forever taking forever to make their way through their meals since i had some place to be. i hurried home, bathed, and changed as quickly as i could. nothing i put on seemed quite right. when i got there, it was open casket which completely creeped me out. its so sad though that times like these give us an opportunity to see people we often haven't seen in a while. now, though after a long day at work and emotional evening, i feel completely worn out.
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