Tuesday, February 10, 2009

blogs i love 2/10/09

i decided to add a feature to my blog entitled blogs i love. i can't promise if it will be weekly, or sporadically, or how i will do it. i just got into blogging a few weeks ago, and have been inspired by so many cool blogs. i want to share some of these and not just in my blog roll.
the first blog i decided to feature is my friend tricia's not just because i have known here forever. actually, to define forever, i've known her since middle school; and we even ended up going to the same college though i was cool enough to go there first since i'm a year older. tricia's is a mom blog, so i can't relate to everything she blogs about especially regarding pregnancy. she usually has some good tips though that us non mommy's out there can use. in fact, i was totally blown away by her tip yesterday on how to revive limp celery http://mattmorgan.typepad.com/reston_mom/2009/02/quick-kitchen-tip-celery.html. she features everything from recipes, to kids activities, to parenting hints and frustrations, to book reviews. i definitely recommend checking out her blog especially for the mom's out there at http://mattmorgan.typepad.com/reston_mom/2009/02/quick-kitchen-tip-celery.html.
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